Monday Devotional
May 29, 2023
Dear Friend,
My curiosity leads me to be naturally inquisitive, even (or perhaps especially) when it comes to the scriptures. I wonder what happened the day after Jesus was born? Did things settle down or was there even more commotion in Bethlehem as people shared the news of this humble birth?
What about the woman at the well? How did her life change following the conversation with Jesus? What happened next? How was her life changed? What happened next in the healing miracles? How were these people’s lives changed because of the healings? There are no answers to such questions, but I enjoy pondering them.
Today is the day after Pentecost. What happened after that spirit filled day? One of the things we learn in the book of Acts is that the early followers shared their resources to care for one another. That compassion may have been one of the reasons the early church began to grow. Theologians have speculated that the radical hospitality and genuine love shared by the disciples attracted people to want to belong to this new movement. That is a broad view of what happened next.
But each Monday, we ask ourselves the same question. What happens next? Having experienced the love of God, how are we different? Having heard the promise of the forgiveness of sins, how does that lead us to treat one another? Having received the encouragement to share this good news, what will we do with this gift? What happens next for you? I pray that it is a good week.
Upcoming Activities

Hosts Needed

Students from Peachtree Christian Church will be coming to First UMC on Friday June 9th to present a dramatic performance based upon the Chronicles of Narnia. We need host families for overnight housing for students. If you have space, please contact Pastor Jen.

Blood Drive

You can participate in the next blood drive at First UMC by signing up in advance with the American Red Cross. The drive will be Friday June 2nd from noon to 5:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.

Fridays @ First

We are delighted to have our organist, Laura Bottei, as the next Fridays@First. Join Laura on June 2nd at 7:00 p.m. as she shares her musical talents.

Narnia Concert

We are delighted to welcome the youth from Peachtree Christian Church in Atlanta who will share a dramatic presentation based upon the Chronicles of Narnia. This show will be held on Friday June 9th in the sanctuary and is open to all!

First Cares

Our annual day of service, First Cares, will be held on Sunday June 11th. Following our morning worship, the Missions Committee will have a lunch waiting in the Fellowship Hall. After that, all are encouraged to participate in one of several service projects organized by the committee. There will be onsite activities like making blankets for foster families and other projects in the Fellowship Hall. We are finalizing some off-site service projects that include some yard work for a church member and mulching at one of the pollinator parks. Join us after services for this important time of service and fellowship!