Lent 2021

Ash Wednesday Service
February 17, 2021
To watch a replay of our Ash Wednesday service CLICK HERE.
“A Journey of Self-Reflection”
Text: Joel 2:1-2, 12-17 and Psalm 51:1-17
We often speak of Lent as a spiritual journey from which we emerge at our destination (Easter) with the possibility of being reborn in new ways. The sounding of the trumpet (Joel 2) and the invitation to prayer (Psalm 51) and a means to get our attention as we begin this journey. These are ways of inviting us to be intentional about how we enter this season. Tonight, we begin that journey together with an aim of deepening our faith.
As we move through the Lenten season, we have provided our congregation with boxes of supplies to participate in various at-home Lenten activities. It is not too late to join! If you would like to get your Lent-in-a-Box please call the church office to plan a pick-up time. One box per household.
Call: (812) 372-2851
Weekly Devotional Videos
(David Grayson (Ray Stannard Baker), April 7, 2021)
(Anne Lamott, March 31, 2021
(Fred Rogers, March 24, 2021)
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Maundy Thursday Service
7:00PM Facebook Live Service
“What We Bring to the Cross: Barriers”
Text: John 13:1-17, 31b-35
Jesus was about breaking down barriers. He ate with the outcasts. He welcomed the children. He befriended a Samaritan woman (a double barrier!) And by his actions in this text, he invites us to move beyond the barriers that would separate us from one another. What he offers in exchange for these barriers is a fuller sense of community, a deeper love for one another.
Good Friday Service
7:00PM Facebook Live Service
“Bring It All to the Cross”
There is a hymn that says, “Lay your burden down, lay your burden down. Take your troubled soul, your tired mind, and lay your burden down. Lay your burden down, ge3t your feet on solid ground; take your worries to the foot of the cross and lay your burden down.” During this Lenten season we have pointed out some of the things we are encouraged to leave at the cross. Let go of the need to exclude, to condemn or criticize, the barriers that separate us. We also bring the personal struggles to the cross. Our service will focus on concluding the journey to the cross and allowing God to free us for new beginnings.
Easter Morning Service
7:30 a.m. Sunrise Service in the green space across 9th Street (If there is inclement weather we’ll meet in Fellowship Hall)
9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. In-Person & Online
This year we will be offering a live-stream service through our Facebook page, as well as, in-person services in the church sanctuary.  We ask that our guests arrive between 10-15 minutes early in order to be settled and ready to ensure there will be no distractions for our live-stream viewers tuning in from home.
“What We Take from this Day”
Text: John 20:1-18
Our Lenten journey began with a call to reflection, an invitation to enter this season with intentionality. We have examined the burdens, struggles and sins that can weigh our lives down. Now, our load is lighter. We are in a position to receive the gifts that Easter offers. This morning, we welcome this new beginning as Easter people.