COVID Resources
Below are links to helpful resources during this time of uncertainty:

Grocery Ordering & Pick-up
Several local grocery stores have online ordering available, as well as home delivery. Because of the fragile time we are in, these stores aren’t always fully stocked with all of their usual food items. If you typically purchase the same items and they are not available, try an alternative to insure your pantry will provide you nourishment and sustenance. You will be required to create an online account with the stores below if you choose to pick-up or have your groceries delivered.
Free Meals
There are several locations in Columbus that offer weekly free hot meals.  Click the link for locations and times.
If you have a student/students and are needing a lunch for them, there are several locations that provide a meal for students.  Click the link for locations.
Community Cancellations/Closings
An ever growing list of events, businesses, religious institutions, etc. is closing or cancelling services.  Click the following links to see what’s been affected and what offerings are still available (this is not an exhaustive list, so there may be items missing from the list)
Healthy Households
Senior Friend Line : 1-866-644-6407
This is a phone number from Thrive Alliance for any seniors who may be coping with loneliness       and isolation as physical distancing continues.