Monday Devotional
Dear Friend,
We received a handwritten letter from a gentleman in Stockton, California.  Inside was a letter and a postcard wrapped in protective plastic. 
I first examined the historic postcard.  The front featured a picture of our church.  Based upon the postmark, the image was likely from the early 1900’s.  Such postcards were common at that time.  Many churches used them to send notices about special events or to let people know they had been missed in church or Sunday school.  I am aware of this because at three of the other four churches I have served, we have received similar postcards.
This particular card was mailed from Columbus to Grand Rapids, Michigan.  It is mailed from a father to his daughter and the surname appears to be Schwegge (?).  The handwriting has faded with time and is difficult to make out, even with a magnifying glass.  Adding to the difficulty, it took me a while to realize that the letter is written in German.  It begins, “Ich bin gesenden…” or “I am sending…”  The only other portion I can make out are the words “kalt hier” meaning “cold here” (the postmark says it was mailed December 29th.) 
I then turned to the letter.  The sender is an 89 year-old man who found the postcard at an antique store in California.  He noted that our histories are important and worth preserving, which is why he bought the card and mailed it.  He closed his letter by saying, “I like to call my little hobby a ‘re-distribution of happiness.’  Our world needs it.” 
Mr. Jeorg of Stockton, California has succeeded on many levels.  He had the delight of finding a meaningful historic item at the antique shop, a find that brought joy to him.  And he has shared that gift with our congregation that we might also share in the joy.  Perhaps we can make that our goal for this week, to re-distribute the happiness with friends and strangers alike.