Monday Devotional
Dear Friend,  
It seems unusual to write a Monday devotion in the form of a mystery, but that is the format for today.  It is a mystery worthy of the crime/detective shows on television.  It seems that last Sunday evening, my office was broken into.  The odd thing was, these mysterious culprits didn’t take anything.  In fact, they left something behind.  Let me explain.
I came into the office on Monday morning to find that many of the items in my office had been gift wrapped.  Festive holiday papers were everywhere.  My computer…gift wrapped.  The printer…wrapped.  Pictures on the wall…yep, even those.  Even the tissue box, my cassette radio (yes, I still have one of those), and the door handle had all been wrapped.   
I am trying to imagine who might have entered my office to do such a thing.  There was no sign of forced entry, so it had to be someone with a key.  I don’t think the children’s choirs that meet on Sunday evening would have been able to reach the things on my top shelf.  The small group that meets that night seems much too kind for such a prank.  These were not professionals  because they left fingerprints everywhere!  And, there were clues on some of the wrapping paper that leads me to one suspect…the youth group.  Those kind, beloved souls who look so angelic on Sunday mornings can be rather devious when they want to be.  
The truth is, I had been forewarned that they were going to do something.  I just didn’t know what.  And, as far as pranks go, this was a pretty good one.  I am thankful for the youth of this church who can be thoughtful, faithful and kind, but who also have a playful streak.  I am also thankful that they feel comfortable enough to prank the pastor.  The decorations were quite festive and I have kept some of the things wrapped to maintain the holiday spirit.  And I appreciate the gift they wrapped and left behind (from Goodwill, still had the price tag on it…cost someone 99 cents!)  Amid a busy season, it is always good to remember to laugh, to find reason to smile, to make room for a bit of playfulness.